Chasing a Bullet


The story a family in a web of terrorism. Mustafa’s family was brought together by terrorism, is united by terrorism, and destroyed by terrorism. This is a journey through the life of a terrorist hunter.

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Chasing a Bullet is a crime thriller focused on the history and development of terrorism in the East African country of Kenya. The story is about a family which affects and is affected by terrorism in different ways. While the story is mainly fictional, it contains thoroughly researched information,which closely borders the truth about terrorism in the country and the region at large. The story is also founded on real terrorist events that happened in Kenya since the late 1990s with a systematic recollection of the history and development of crime in Kenya.

Chasing a Bullet will therefore take you through a roller coaster of emotions, fears, love, resentment, and ultimately, education about terrorism and its motives. Expect to be entertained, scared, shocked, and educated about the meaning of the small things that criminals do and how they are organized. The setting of the story is a little town known as Bomet in the Rift Valley region of Kenya.

9 reviews for Chasing a Bullet

  1. Gladwell

    I am not a reader and this book has made me one. Can’t wait for “The shadow of a bullet”….

  2. Victor Odinda

    The book is amazing. Well researched and written. The imagery also caught my attention.. Kinda takes u to the thick of things to a chilling effect.. Job well done.

  3. Eunniah Mbabazi

    When I started reading the book, I wasn’t prepared for the bouts of surprises and suspense that would come my way. It was a great way to learn about how deep the terrorism roots are, and how most people are unknowingly caught up in the web. This is a book that will give you a glimpse into the dark circles, so you will occasionally have to pause, take a deep breath, then continue.
    I can’t wait for the sequel.

  4. Rahab Karisa

    An interesting and captivating read. The author’s style of writing, characters and scenarios are so genuinely real that it’s nearly impossible to get through the entire book without feeling like you’ve been there. Looking forward to many more great works by this author.

  5. Jashon

    This book presents a captivating journey that coins your thoughts, emotions and every inch of being that you are into the character’s story flow. Awesome piece Douglas

  6. Jashon Owano

    This book presents a captivating journey that coins your thoughts, emotions and every inch of being that you are into the character’s story flow. Awesome piece Douglas

  7. Mercelline Kung’a

    Reading culture softly getting restored. The book took me to the world of terrorism, got all my emotions aroused… It really got me thinking; had this been the definition of writing, I’d spend my entire life reading.. thumbs up!

  8. Mercy Hombakazi Nqandeka

    Douglas Logedi saying you are a great writer is an understatement. You are brilliant beyond words could ever explain. I read your book for 2 and a half days because I literally couldn’t put it down.

    Chasing a Bullet will put your emotions on a roller coaster. One minute you ll have your heart flattered with love and wishing you were a certain character. The details he gives on each character make you leave your body a bit and take on and become that particular character you relate with. He will paint a certain family life until you wish you were part of it.

    His details are authentic and for a moment you forget that you are reading a novel. The incidents in this novel are so intertwined with reality such that you find your self googling those mentioned incidents and their dates.

    You realise the writer has got you when your heart beats so fast out of fear and wishing you can run ahead and notify whoever is about to be killed in the terrorist attacks that he is so bold to put out in the light for all to comprehend. I have never read anything this explicit about terrorism. Its supper scary and inhuman, yet it gives you an idea of what takes place the terrorism underworld. It is a cruel world where families keep filthy secrets, a world where friends betray each other only to die at the end.

    The way he marries the Bible and the Quran shows of how informed and open minded he is on the two religions that are common in his country. This shows his tolerance and how he values humanity above religions. His characters fall in love and are never held back by religion, how beautiful.

    The end is unpredictable and I felt robbed because I was in love with the whole story. That surely calls for a continuation, and guess what? He has catered for that. The last pages he gives a glimpse of “The Shadow of A Bullet” a book that follows and will be out by March next year. I can’t wait😁

    Our ancestors lived to see a time where Africans will tell African stories in an African way. You are doing just that. Well done Kaka❤❤

  9. Baroness Okweto

    I hardly enjoyed thrillers until “Chasing A Bullet” happened. Logedi, this is an interestingly good yarn. A page turner. The characterization is amazing.
    I am re-reading your masterpiece and I must appreciate the theme you chose to run with. Something that has affected us as a country;I myself frown at the thought it.
    This is eye opening, educative and relatable, I could hardly let the book be once I started reading. The suspense! I yearned for the next word soon as I read my last.
    I am actually waiting for “The Shadow of A Bullet ” as I read “Chasing A Bullet”,slowly and now for the second time. I cannot wait to find out what became of Salim. What about Amina? Well, I may have to wait…
    We thank God for Karani Changwi and for your dedication, this masterpiece. We also thank God for Writers Guild, quite a support system.

    Meanwhile, this sunk:
    “Perhaps, she had learnt that even a broken mirror gives a person a reflection of their true image… ” The intensity with which your choice of words hit my mind is unfathomable!

    Keep writing and may God continue to prosper you here and beyond.

    Thank you Logedi!


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