For me, hosting your event is about making it fun, memorable, smooth, and attractive. I host events to make you happy and make your guests want to come back for the next event. My work is to create an experience and not just host an event. I want you and your guests to create the event with me and not be passive attendants. When I host, we all host, attend, create, and live the event. My service package includes:

  • Guest introductions and profile management
  • Event introduction and detailing
  • Entertainment management
  • Mini-teambuilding activities
  • Panel hosting and guest discussions
  • Audience engagement services
  • Time management

Do you want a memorable lasting event? Let’s create it together. Check Douglas in action here

Packages include:

  • One-off full day
  • One-off hourly
  • Monthly Contractual
  • Annual Contractual
  • Corporate package
  • Special events e.g Weddings

Cost: Package based. Contact me for a quote