Curve of Love

Queen “Maya” 
I called 
I called because I wanted to talk to you
I called because I wanted to say hi
I called kuuliza kama kuna chai
I called because I wanted to be sure you are well
I called because I did not want you to be alone
I called, because… Well, I called!

I wrote you a message
I wrote to you to remind you of your worth
I wrote to remind you not to dispair
I wrote to tell you that you should hold on
I wrote to show you love and care
I wrote because… Well, I wrote!

I sent a voice note
I spoke of the memories we have had together
I spoke of the countless conversations by the bridge
I spoke of kangumu and strong tea
I spoke of the couch, the brown couch
I spoke of the bedsitter and its chronicles
I spoke of the journey through the wanted and unwanted
I spoke of the chance I missed to be with you forever
I spoke because… Well, I spoke!

I sent a parcel to you, my dear
I sent a parcel of love and care
I sent hugs and an angel to be with you every moment of the evening
I sent a serenading bird to peep through your window
I sent a silent shadow of me to watch over you as you sleep
I sent a charm of good luck to cover your entire presence
I sent a hand, an extension of God to care for you
I sent my heart to offer comfort
I sent a shoulder
I sent an ear
I sent an eye
I sent my whole being, just for you
I sent it because…. Well, I sent it

The depths will only be understood by you
The steps will only be comprehended by you
For when I talk about memories, I talk you
For when I whisper silly words, they are a song to you
Your intelligence, dear sapiosexual
Your wit, dear human-magnet
Your charm, dear keeper
Your love, hopeless romantic
Are the reason why, here I lay

Is it a boy? Is it a girl?
I search for answers because I want to know
I search for peace because I want to feel
I search for love because I want to live it
I search for identity because I lost you
Yet here I sit, alone
Alone with my mind and crazy love for you
You with whom I can never spend all my life
Life which doesn’t make any sense any more
Any more than your elegant presence
Yet I still ask
Is it a boy? Is it a girl?


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