About Me

I love life, no wonder people call me the Penguin. With me, you do not get the quietest person in the room or the most timid one. You get a guy ready to express himself, confident in his abilities, and constantly looking to grow.

Everything that makes for a good thrill is my choice; adrenaline jumps, extreme sports, entrepreneurship, and crime. Well, I am not necessarily a criminal but I enjoy stories themed around it. I enjoy villain stories, Sci-fi fantasies, and real-life aha! moments. Certainly, I love writing about them.

I have written a few books and published even fewer. I am on a journey to see that you will not only buy more but also read more and re-read more. Head over to the shop page and see my growing collection of books you can read from. You can also head over to the blog page and read my thoughts, opinions, fantasies, thoughts, intrigues, and everything in-between.

I am an entrepreneur and I love the thrill of it. To me, writing is my way of creation and business is my route to satisfaction. I have started a few before it, succeeded in some and failed in some. The thrill keeps me in the game. Welcome to my small world. Let’s enjoy the thrill, shall we?